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zipper will be available as a standalone application on desktops (Mac, Windows, Linux), on mobiles (iOS, Android), as well as in any web browser. This will allow you to communicate and exchange documents conveniently whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road. Our prototype is a web application which you can test at:


Link your zipper account with your preferred cloud storage provider, so that all documents received through zipper get automatically uploaded to your storage account. A simple solution for backing up and conveniently accessing documents. We plan to support major storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, as well as Swiss providers.


zipper is the first instant messaging system to introduce certified documents (or recommended letters) for the digital age. We are leveraging the blockchain technology for independently certifying that a document has been transmitted between a given sender and receiver. Our prototype uses Ethereum for the certification. The price for a blockchain-certified document will be only around 10% of the price of a postal certified letter.


Our system offers end-to-end encryption (using a double ratchet algorithm based on the Signal protocol) for all messaging traffic, document transfer, and voice/video calling. The zipper servers for front- and back-end are located in Switzerland. User authentication and electronic signatures are achieved using YubiKeys, a cheap and secure hardware key which is both PC and mobile friendly.

About us

Join us in making business communication more direct, more secure, and more convenient.

zipper Instant Messaging is a Swiss startup aiming to revolutionize business communication.

Our goal is to offer a state-of-the-art alternative to paper and email, in the form of an instant messaging system focused on security and convenience. Complex technologies such as authentication, encryption, and digital signature, are proposed in their easiest and friendliest forms to zipper users.

Do not hesitate to test our prototype. Simply create a new account (with just user ID and password) and start chatting with zipper Support or with a colleague already signed up.


jean-françois alarie

Electrical engineer / MBA, worked in aerospace and later in banking. Has the startup bug and is committed to make this venture fly!

dr. bernhard distl

PhD from ETH Zurich, cyber-security and cryptography expert, world traveler.

dr. daniela brauckhoff

Security Advisor
PhD in network security from ETH Zurich. Expert on all matters related to cybersecurity. Kick-ass product manager.

lucas betschart

Blockchain Advisor
Co-founder Blockchain Source. Top blockchain expert in Switzerland.

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